5 Tips For Efficient Gardening

gardening tipsWhen it comes to gardening, there never seem to be enough hours in the day to spend puttering away at weeding or planting. If you are anything like me, then you probably could use some tips on having more time to enjoy your garden rather than spending it all just getting your flower beds looking good.

Choose The Right Plants

When it comes to choosing which type of plants to pick for your garden, always pick perennials. For long term investment you get your money’s worth as they are repeat performers – they will come back every year. Use annuals to fill any blooming ‘gaps’ such as when some perennials are finished blooming or just to add some bling of color.

Have A Neighbourhood Growing Co-Op

If you are planting a vegetable garden, have a neighborhood garden co-op. Maybe you could grow a bumper crop of potatoes while one neighbor does a carrot crop. This gives you an opportunity to share and get to know your neighbors a bit better than just saying Hi over the fence. You could even swap perennials with your neighbors as well – often once your perennials get established you do need to thin them out every few years for the health of the plant.

Using Landscaping To Cut Down On Weeding

If you have established beds, you may find that using rocks and pebbles for landscaping can be easier than using mulch. To be honest, I much prefer the look of mulch but it does need to be replaced often. You could do a mix of mulch beds with pebble beds to cut down on wedding.

Start A Compost Pile

If you haven’t already started building your compost pile, now is the time. Save any kitchen scraps or lawn clippings to add to your compost. Not only are you being environmentally friendly but you end up with nutrient-rich compost to add to your beds.

Buy Quality Gardening Tools

If you don’t intend to be a fairweather gardener, then you really need to invest in some quality gardening equipment. You will never regret having a pair of good quality pruners or even a Winged Weeder. If you think you are saving money by opting to buy junkie tools then you may be surprised good gardening tools will last years where lower quality tools may only last one season. Plus you save time as quality tools get the job done right.

If you want to get more time in your garden, then planning ahead will help you be proactive rather than reactive. By you using any of these gardening tips, you not only will get your weeding done sooner but you will also have time to sit and smell the roses!

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