Tips On Arranging Container Plants

In a previous article, I gave some tips on getting started with container gardening. When it comes time to arrange your plants in their container, often you can end up with an unattractive planter. Before you even buy your plants, it is best to imagine exactly how you want your container planter to look.

Choose An Anchor Plant

It is best to have an ‘anchor’ plant – this is the plant that is taller or fuller than all the others. Often it can be a showier plant, one that is a focal point in your planter. Some suggestions are a dracena spike or maybe a climbing vine used on a trellis in the center of your pot. Once you have your anchor plant, you fill in space with basket stuffers, plants of medium height such as petunias, coleus or even osteopermum plants. Once the fillers are in place, you can add some trailing vines or plants such as verbena or sweet potatoe vine for a nice soft touch.

Choose Complimentary Colors

I love almost all colors however not every color looks good together – even in gardens. Choose colors that look good together, that harmonize without clashing. You can use an all green palette, choosing different shades of green plants. Probably one of my favorite color combinations is using hot pink with purple. If you are unsure what colors go good together try using a color wheel.

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