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My Yamaha ns-aw570 All-Weather Speakers Review

Yamaha ns-aw70 All weather speakers

Just an hour ago, I was in the patio with my husband sipping a glass of wine and listening to good ‘ole Cat Stevens with our Yamaha ns-aw570 outdoor speakers. I’m so proud of these speakers we have. You see, when we were shopping for speakers about a couple of months ago, my heart was […]

Low Cost Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Audiovox Wireless Outdoor speakers

Gather 10 different people in one room and they will all have different opinions about what the best wireless outdoor speakers are. Read the many speaker forums online and you’ll find that every person has a different idea about what the best speaker is (For example, I think that my Yamaha ns-aw570 outdoor speaker is the […]

Outdoor Speakers That Look Like Rocks

Cables To Go Rock Speakers

If we didn’t already have the Yamaha outdoor speakers in our patio, I wouldn’t mind getting these speakers that look like rocks. I don’t know how good they are or how well they stand to various weather conditions but I think they look pretty cool. It’s a very ingenious idea and one that I’m sure will […]

Pergolas for Your Climbing Plants


If you’re living in the northern hemisphere like me, you’ll be noticing the days getting longer. We’ve had an amazingly mild winter so far and although it’s only January, some days are cloudless and almost springlike. But I’m not letting it fool me – a blast from Siberia could come at any time. (Update: it’s […]

How To Shade A Patio

shade sail

Because we live in such a warm climate it is essential that we have shade on our patio. When looking into how to shade a patio I came up with a number of different solutions. Simple shade umbrellas are an option, but to be honest they are not stable enough. A gust of wind and […]

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