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Best Compost Pail

best compost pail

Having a simple purpose made compost pail on your kitchen counter is the easiest way to encourage all the family to recycle their kitchen scraps. Keeping the counter tidy and odour free are the key benefits of the very best compost crocks available today. If you enjoy your garden and enjoy good food you really […]

Why I Love My Kitchen Compost Crock!

compost pail

I realise that a kitchen compost crock might not be the most exciting thing in the world. I was also a bit unsure as to whether I would even be allowed to write about it here at BIG Granite – but the boss said since it collects stuff that then heads on out to the […]

Which Kitchen Scraps Can You Compost?


In nature, everything that was once alive naturally will compost eventually. However in an urban home it is often impractical, or difficult to compost all our kitchen scraps and organic material. In theory you could add cotton clothes and all paper and card, as well as meat, fish and all fruit and vegetable waste to […]