Cheap Plastic Trugs: Tubtrugs

tubtrug colorsTrugs, or the brand name of plastic trugs called Tubtrugs, are the one “must have” for any gardener. But they go beyond that, they have so many other uses, as we shall see later on in this article.

A trug has the ability to totally transform how you work out of doors and the crazy thing is that a lot of gardeners don’t own one.

For years I used to garden and weed with no kind of reliable container beside me. I would be hunting around for tools, throwing weeds on the floor, and basically using any kind of old bucket or container I could find to just throw things into. Un-organized to say the least.

I bet a lot of gardeners reading this will be exactly the same. For people that love the joy of getting their hands dirty, and making beautiful gardens, we can be very un-organized. When, in fact, we should be the most organized people on the planet. We have tools that we need daily, we need a suitable container for moving compost or potting soil, not to mention the pots themselves, plants and so many other things. Not to mention carrying the weeds to the compost heap.

Cheap Tubtrugs

Tubtrugs are the answer to our dis-organization. This is the brand name for the most popular cheap plastic trug currently available and I can tell you now that they are the most reliable of containers that you will ever find. I think we have 3 of 4 of them now, and they have never let me down.

The daft thing is that they only cost a few dollars online too. Plus we get to pick our size and our color.

Click for all the sizes and colors here*

It’s kind of crazy that we don’t have a handy container with handles for the garden when all we have to pay is a few dollars.

It may sound silly to be so excited about such a simple thing, but the fact is that they totally transform your work outdoors.

Tubtrugs Sizes

Here is the Tubtrugs sizes chart taken from the official Website:

tubtrugs size chart

I usually buy the largest size available. The Tubtrug biggest is the x-large 75 liter, but you can buy small trubtrugs right up to my preferred size. We have one small one for when just a small amount of weeding is to be done but the larger ones are best I find as they are the most versatile.

Even the largest option is still very light so they don’t interfere with your work-load. They only weigh a few pounds.

Uses For Tubtrugs


What can you use a tubtrug for?

This is the beauty of these simple items. Although I am talking from a gardeners point of view I have in fact used them for any number of different things.

plastic tubtrugFrom mixing up small amounts of concrete, to using as a plaster bucket when I do my best to plaster a wall. From washing the Cat, to soaking overalls I may have got stained, to general gardening duties.

The Wife finds it the best laundry basket she has ever used. You can use them to feed animals, as a water bucket to wash the Car, and they make the best bucket for the shopping too. Forget a recycled shopping bag, use one of these instead, the handles are a lot more comfortable. Pus they are the best storage container for tools in the Garage or Shed too.

And if you recycle then they make the best recycling container too.

Why Buy Tubtrugs

They are very light, surprisingly so in fact. But they are made so strong that they simply never get damaged. I have used them with so much weight in they were a struggle to lift. Ah, one more use, use them to carry wood for the log burner too!

The handles are comfortable and basically this is an indestructible item. Made with food grade plastic and with UV protection you can leave them outdoors for years and then won’t degrade. Just like ours, we usually have one hanging around near to the veg plot.

Tubtrugs or Buckets


There is no comparison. A Tubtrug is totally flexible so it doesn’t matter how much or how little you have in them. You can still push the handles together to carry it in one hand if you so wish. This is what makes them such a versatile option. With a bucket you get one solid handle with no flexibility. With a Tubtrug you can carry it one handed or use two hands if you wish.

And you get a perfect pouring spout to empty compost etc as they form a funnel, they are so flexible.

Plus they are probably cheaper than anything but the most basic and untrustworthy of buckets.

Tubtrugs Price

The Tubtrugs price starts at $7 or so dollars and then goes up in price depending on the size. I would recommend that you buy the large Tubtrug as it is the most versatile. But obviously this is simply down to your needs.

Tubtrugs Colors

Well, when it comes to Tubtrugs colors you are a little spoiled for choice. Personally I just buy black, they don’t need cleaning as often as you can’t see the dirt!

But for indoor use, like as a washing basket, the Wife prefers something brightly colored, as it makes them easier to find and just brightens up the day a little bit.

The choice is yours. From blue to green to pistachio and many more, use my link above to see all the color options and the prices for the different sizes.

One thing is for sure and that is that they are the best few dollars you will ever spend. If you want a handy container for the garden, a flexible bucket for mixing plaster. A washing basket that will last forever. Or even a container to wash the Dog or the Cat in, the cheap Tubtrug price makes it the best buy possible.

Don’t forget that they also stop you losing your garden tools as you work, and, for me, that is the absolute seller as far as I am concerned.

*Please note the link above directs to amazon as I have found they offer great deals on tubtrugs

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  1. Rocky

    What are the prices for the Largest Tub trugs. How do I order?
    Thank you Rocky

    • admin

      Rocky just click the blue link near the top to check out current prices on all sizes of tubtrugs.

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