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Step 2 Garden Hopper Rolling Garden Seat

Step 2 Garden Hopper

Save Those Knees! It’s spring at last and there is so much work to do in the garden. We love being out there in the sunshine, smelling the earthy smells and seeing our plants peeping through the soil. There is just one problem common to many of us who love our gardens, but are not […]

Best Container For Garden Tools

tubtrug with tools

I used to be so un-organized with my tools but now I have the perfect solution. I did a full write-up of the best container for garden tools on my Tubtrugs article and this is just a quick recap so that you know what is the best thing to buy. And see my plastic garden […]

Cheap Plastic Trugs: Tubtrugs

tubtrug colors

Trugs, or the brand name of plastic trugs called Tubtrugs, are the one “must have” for any gardener. But they go beyond that, they have so many other uses, as we shall see later on in this article. A trug has the ability to totally transform how you work out of doors and the crazy […]

Flexible Garden Trug Cleaning

plastic tubtrug

I have to admit I am not the best at keeping our flexible garden tugs in a perfectly clean condition. I often don’t bother at all. But now and then I get inspired to give them a thorough clean, more so I don’t get told off by the Wife than for any other reason. How […]