Best Container For Garden Tools

tubtrug with toolsI used to be so un-organized with my tools but now I have the perfect solution. I did a full write-up of the best container for garden tools on my Tubtrugs article and this is just a quick recap so that you know what is the best thing to buy. And see my plastic garden trug cleaning article for a quick tip on keeping them clean.

I have found that a trug is by far the easiest option to use when it comes to storing garden tools, but also for carrying them around.


I used to use a bucket or something similar but the reality is that they are not anywhere near as flexible. They are solid and relatively heavy. But with a trug you are using something that is so flexible that you can squeeze the handles together to make carrying the tools that you use the most often very easy.

It may be just a pair of clippers and a trowel or a full set of tools for a days work, a trug makes it simplicity itself to carry them all.

The flexible design allows us to carry anything with a comfortable grip, and ensures we don’t lose anything.


Trugs are very light, so unlike other options they don’t leave us tired out just by carrying them. This is part of the real appeal of these items. Super light and available in so many sizes that they are the most versatile container for carrying tools that you will likely ever come across.


For storage they are also about as good as I have found. In the past I have used containers with lids that can be stacked. And while these are great for storing items that you don’t use that often they are a real pain for items used daily. It means moving boxes and generally wasting effort.

Now I put all my everyday tools in a Tubtrug and then they are all there waiting for me as and when they are needed. Perfect.

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