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Planning Out Your Rain Barrel Strategy

Rain Barrel Set Up

In a previous article I talked about the advantages of having a rain barrel in your garden. I use them and really like having them around. They come in handy and they are environmentally friendly. And, they save me on my water bill a bit every month. If you do plan on building one yourself there […]

Best Rain Barrels

Algreen 81001 65 Gallon Water Barrel

Rain Barrel Reviews I wrote an article detailing the advantages of owning a rain barrel for gardening and irrigation purposes. I also wrote an article about what to consider if you want to build your own rain barrel or how to design your rain barrel system. However, for those that want to go the easy […]

Advantages of Using A Rain Barrel

advantages of rain barrel

If you have been in the market for a rain barrel or water collection and storage system then you may be aware that they can cost a bit of money. However, there are some advantages that you should be aware of before letting the price be a turn off for you. Basically, the rain barrels […]