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Decorative Artificial Rock


When attending an Agricultural Show with a buddy last fall, my friend stopped by a booth and chatted with the exhibitor for a bit. While Don was talking with his friend, I perused his exhibit, & have to admit I was a bit surprised at what he was selling. Rocks – but not just any rocks These […]

Garden Accent Rocks


Being an avid gardener, I’m always looking for new and unique ways to enhance the look of our property. Many years ago, when constructing a detached garage we decided on building a brick lamp post beside the driveway, and, at least in my humble opinion it looked great. One thing I did consider before building […]

Decorative Septic Lid Covers


Anybody living on a rural property, an acreage or farm perhaps, will in all likelihood be operating with a septic tank system. Every septic tank system has an “opening” to the heavens, more a ventilation system than anything really, and these are usually covered with an ugly concrete lid. How ugly? How about “butt ugly”! There’s nothing like […]

How To Grow A Shade Garden


Often we hear that shady spots are hard to grow plants in – that nothing will grow under trees or in the shade. This is definitely not true. With the right plants for your zone, you can have a stunning shade garden that just may trump your sunny front yard! Here are a few tips […]

Our Beautiful Weeping Birch


It’s about 30 years ago that, after living in a neighbouring province, a 15 hour drive away, my wife and I decided to move back to where we are now. Canada is a big place when you move, even just a couple of Province’s away, and we found the 15 hour drive just too far […]

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