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How to Grow Ginger


Ginger is a popular American food however it is definitely the most used in the Asian cuisine. Ginger not only gives the food that zingy taste but it is also has a lot of health benefits. For growing ginger you can definitely use some space indoors and use a container to plant the ginger. Ginger […]

Hostas – Divide and Conquer

Potted Hosta

I do seem to grow quite a number of plants in pots, and this means that I have a job to stop them getting pot bound. I mentioned this in my post about lilies. Hostas make a great feature on one side of my terrace throughout the summer. The different shades of green against the […]

Get More Lilies Than You Know What To Do With!

Asian lilies

Growing lilies I love to grow lilies in pots. I can move the pots around on my terrace as they come into flower and mix up the colours as I want. Oriental lilies, which are scented, prefer acid soil, so by growing in pots I can give them exactly the conditions they require. Look for […]

How To Plant Your Seeds Indoors


One of the things I look forward to over the winter is the anticipation of spring. While I like to plan ahead when it comes to my gardening, one thing that seems to make spring come all that much faster is by planting seedlings in the late winter. Not only do I get to dig […]

Tips On Arranging Your Planter Flowers

container gardening

When you finally get to the greenhouse to buy plants for your container gardens, sometimes it can be overwhelming as to where to even begin. Sometimes some nurseries will have planters already started for people to buy – that is the easy way to get it right. Though I usually don’t buy pre-made planters I […]

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