Tips On Arranging Your Planter Flowers

container gardening When you finally get to the greenhouse to buy plants for your container gardens, sometimes it can be overwhelming as to where to even begin. Sometimes some nurseries will have planters already started for people to buy – that is the easy way to get it right. Though I usually don’t buy pre-made planters I do often check out these planters as it provides ideas which I can duplicate. Another thing I do is I check out gardening magazines that I either have on hand or I will check some out from the local library. This gives me ideas as to what new plants have just come out or some plants species that I hadn’t heard about before.

Once I get some planting ideas, I will go and pick out the plants that interest me. Before I buy my plants I will often find a space off to the side and actually arrange the plants how I see them in my planters. This helps me with knowing if I have enough plants for the planter as well as allows me to coordinate the colors. I actually save money this way as I only get what I need.

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