Choosing The Right Plants For Your Zone

When first starting out planting, often it can be overwhelming even to know where to start. Maybe you have just moved into your first home or maybe you live in a condo or apartment and you don’t have much space for gardening at all. By choosing the right plants that are best suited for your planting zone, you will ensure that your plants will thrive in the environment that you plant them.

Check Planting Tags

When going to a greenhouse, it is wise to always check the planting zones printed on the tags that come with the plants. Most smaller greenhouses usually only stock plants that grow in their regions be do be careful when buying from bigger box stores as they carry just about anything. Often you can get away with buying plants that go up one zone from your planting zone – if you can provide shelter and protection. I have a few plants that aren’t supposed to grow in my area but if I baby them, they will keep coming back.

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