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Fiskars 9653 Post Hole Digger

One of the most backbreaking parts of building a retaining wall is digging the holes for the posts. You will need a sturdy tool to get the job done with the minimum of effort, as well as being sure you are not out of action for weeks afterwards with a bad back! This is a particular issue for me as my other half suffers from back problems, so I always worry.

We looked around the garage for a tool to do the job, but other than a shovel we didn’t have a suitable one. Our neighbors only had an ancient digger which they offered to us, but it was so hard to use we knew we needed to purchase our own. So off on a fact finding mission we went. We were pretty sure we didn’t need a motorised model so a manual tool was our choice.

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Yes that’s the digger we deciced on ~ here’s why…

What we liked

After trying our neighbors old tool we found that it was pinching our fingers and banging our knuckles together. No fun I can assure you. The unique handle design of Fiskars 9653 Post Hole Digger stopped that happening straight away. We also found that it made the digging much easier and we were getting around a foot further down than with the old tool. Definitely a bonus as I liked to get the job done quick smart! And it’s sturdy that’s for sure.

The specs told me it has 14 gauge steel blades, which hubby said is what you want so I had to take his word for it. I liked the fact it was powder coated which made it look good but of course that wasn’t the reason I’m told, but rather to discourage rust. Who knew?


It was a bit heavy, especially for me (yes, I did try to help) so take this into consideration. I must admit I ran out of puff real fast and used up a lot of energy. This may not be a problem for most men but for me it was.

The heavy weight did turn out to have a plus side, at least for my other half, as it allowed him to dig a lot deeper with the same effort. It also made getting through the harder soil much easier as well.

Happy with our Choice

In doing our price comparisons, we found the Fiskars 9653 was a bit more expensive than some of the other options but worth the extra cost in our opinion.

We got the job done quickly, with no injuries (important to me!) using this tool and I’m glad we chose it. So if you need a tool that will give professional results then you can’t go past the Fiskars 9653 post hole digger.

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