Anaconda Slide Hammer Manual Log Splitter

Anaconda 878 Slide-Hammer Manual Log SplitterThis article has me in a little bit of a quandary. I can absolutely extol the virtues of the Anaconda 878 slide hammer manual log splitter, but I kind of feel like I am cheating. Splitting logs really should involve a lot of huffing, puffing, sweating and general danger!

At least it always has done in the past for me.

Firstly I would always simply use my Husqvarna chainsaw to cut logs in to the right length for the log burner and then I would use an axe to split the logs. I have to admit that the axe bit often resulted in a few swear words being used as the ****** thing would more often than not simply get stuck in the log. Well, until I bought the best wood axe I could find, and then things got better. But it was still a lot of work so I moved on.

Wood Splitting Wedge

A good quality wood splitting wedge really is an amazing item. It makes all the difference in the world. Although using the axe, once I got a good quality one, is more fulfilling it is also more strenuous. And often after splitting a number of logs tiredness sets in.

It is then that I switch to using a wood splitting wedge. Here is mine above, making short work of 3 year old seasoned Almond from my land. I use a sledgehammer and the wedge to make really short work of the pile of logs. If you can’t afford the relatively cheap Anaconda manual log splitter then a cheap hardwood splitting wedge is the next best thing.

But to be honest there is a real difference in the results. So if you can I would recommend spending a little extra and buying the Anaconda. If you have been searching online for where to buy the Anaconda wood splitting wedge then I can tell you that Amazon have the best price.

See the big discount being offered here*

Let’s take a closer look at this and see just what it does.

Anaconda Log Splitter Review

It really does feel like cheating.

Basically it does all the work and it kind of seems odd. You don’t need to use any effort at all. It is all well and good being manly, and I do still split some logs with the axe or the wedge but to be honest the lure of the cheap Anaconda log splitter is too much most of the time. Why it is called manual I don’t know really, no effort is involved at all.

No more tired back, no more danger and no more broken axes. And no more axes stuck in logs either.

Here is how it works.

It simply uses the weight of the splitter to split the wood. You don’t need to use any physical power at all.

We have looked at the good now let’s look at the bad.

The honest truth is that it can often take multiple hits for it to split logs. And if they are of any size it may not be perfect as it takes a while. And it can be a little less than perfect on very hard woods or wood that is not seasoned properly. If this is what you want to split then I think that actually just buying a wood splitting wedge may be the best option. But for dry wood that is not of a huge size and you want to split it up in to suitably sized pieces to burn then this is about the best possible tool that you could buy.

It isn’t perfect but for general splitting of seasoned wood it certainly saves the old back.

I am only approaching forty and to be honest my back kills me if I do too much manual splitting. The wedge and sledgehammer is better than just axe work but the Anaconda log splitter beats them all for saving this poor mans back.

*Please note the link above directs to Amazon as I have found they offer great prices on the Anaconda log splitter.


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