Tips On Making Good Compost


In the how to build a compost bin guide I wrote about a great design that you can build easily. But I didn’t give any tips on how to actually make great compost. To be honest there is not a lot to it really. You just need to follow a few simple rules.

The Rules

You basically simply need to ensure that you layer lots of different materials. Use all your raw kitchen scraps, coffee grounds and anything organic from the garden. This includes weeds, vegetables, grass clippings and leaves.

We have never had a compost heap that has failed, ever. And it is all to do with layering.

If you mow the lawn rather than pile all the clippings in in one go just lightly cover the top of the compost heap with it. Leave the rest to one side. After you have put a layer of different matter on top of the grass then go back and add the rest in.

If you pile one material in creating a great heap it can easily get too compressed and you end up with nothing more than some sludge. But follow this simple rule and you will have perfect compost time after time.

You need air to circulate so ensure that you add in materials with different densities. You can read technical papers on making compost but keep it simple and follow these basic directions and your compost heap will never fail.

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