Stop Bagging Your Lawn Clippings

If you are like most of my neighbors, you probably suck up your lawn clippings, bag them and leave them on the corner for the garbage trucks to pick up every week. But, if you want to have a great looking lawn . . .

Please, stop bagging your lawn clippings!

These clippings that you are so quick to toss out actually do great things for your lawn.

Grass clippings will benefit your lawn because they add nutrients back into your soil. After all, these are organic material and they will break down just like any other organic material, right? Just by leaving them you will fertilize your grass and it will become thicker and greener.

If you are concerned about having clumps of grass there is a simple solution for that. Raise your mower and let your grass grow taller. Your grass will actually grow a little slower, but the benefit will be a fuller, thicker blade of grass which makes your lawn look incredible.

If you still feel the need to remove the clippings, create a compost pile or get a compost bin for them, we love ours. These bins help to convert your clippings into a beneficial fertilizer that you can use anywhere in your garden. Dave has a great post about how to make a compost bin that you should really check out.

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