Going Green With A New Black & Decker MM875 Electric Mower

My old gas guzzler

I am really excited because I’m going green and getting an electric lawn mower. I knew at the end of this season that I would need to replace our old gas mower. Yes, is time to take my old gas guzzler out back and shoot her. I don’t really feel too guilty. We have had it for over 8 years and lately we’ve been having more and more problems with it.

It seemed like it was taking an average of 10-16 pulls just to get it started.


Gas Mowers Are Environmentally Unfriendly

My wife and I have always tried to be more environmentally conscious. We tend to opt for organic methods of tending to our lawn and garden. I’m really proud of her great compost bin. We use our grass clippings ever other week along with other household organic materials to create organic fertilizer that we use all around our garden.

But the one thing I never considered before was the impact my lawnmower was having on the environment.

My wife set me straight when we sat down to discuss getting a new one. She had a point, the gas we used in the old mower sent emissions into the environment and was leaving a pretty large carbon footprint – not to mention my frustration about how difficult it was to get started. She encouraged me to consider electric mowers.

So, I got online and did a bunch of research, read a bunch of reviews on Amazon.com from other people who had actually bought and used these lawnmowers. I knew that electric was the way I wanted to go, but I had a bunch of concerns.


Is the battery big enough to cut our lawn with one charge?

There was no clear cut answer to this one. Opinions varied whether or not a battery run mower could hold a charge long enough to cut larger lawns. I also had concerns as to whether or not the battery would lose its charge faster if I mowed in colder weather. You know what they say about Chicago…if you don’t like the weather – just wait a minute…it will change. So, electric battery charged mowers were out of the question as far as I’m concerned.


So I began to look into corded versions and I stumbled on the Black & Decker M875 electric mower.



The M875 Electric Mower Has 12 Amps of POWER!

The reason I liked the Black & Decker M875 is because it has a powerful 12 amp motor, this mower is powerful! The more powerful the motor, the faster the blades will spin and this means that my lawn will be evenly cut every time. I pride myself on having the best looking lawn in the neighborhood so buying a wimpy machine was out of the question.


Black & Decker Electric Mowers Are Low Maintenance

I also like how this model is virtually maintenance free – no more gas to drain a the end of each season like I did with our gas mower and no spark plugs to replace. I also like that I’ll never run out of gas while moving the lawn. I always used to run out at the most inconvenient times – you know, when you are the furthest possible distance from the house?


Other Features For the MM875 Black & Decker

  • Comfort grip ergonomic handle
  • Adjust the wheel height with the touch of 1 button
  • Handle folds down when it is not in use


But I was still put off by using an extension cord to run a mower.

What if I ran over the cord while I was mowing?

Would I ruin the mower blades?

I almost threw in the towel until I read a review from one guy who simply bought some metal lawn spikes and put them up in strategic spots around his lawn. So, every time he mowed the cord would catch around the spikes. He never had to worry about mowing over his cord and breaking his lawn mower blades. Now that was a good solution and one that I’m planning on using when I get mine.

Mulching Bag Included But Not Always Needed

It comes with a mulching bag which I plan to pick up leaves and only use it to pick up grass clippings every other week. I do not bag and throw out my lawn clippings, ever. I will use my them for my wife’s compost bin every other week though. Other than that, I leave them on the lawn and let them compost back into the soil.

2 Year FULL Warranty

It comes with a 2 year full warranty which Black & Decker is known for. So I know that if I do have any issues, they are covered. From what I read their customer service department seemed to handle any issues that came up pretty quickly. I have other Black & Decker tools so I already know that they make some pretty durable machines.

Getting The Best Price

Now that fall is here I know I can get a great deal on one because all the stores want to get rid of their lawn mowers to make room for the snow blowers. Retail on this is somewhere around $430.00 which I refuse to pay. If you get it on Amazon you will usually only pay HALF that price.

I’ll have to give you all an update after I get it home and start using it next season. I’m looking forward to Spring!


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