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The best time to spray dandelions


Finally – Spring has sprung! Spring has finally sprung in our part of the world, and with it comes the urge to get out in the garden and getting your hands a bit dirty as you prepare the gardens, lawns and flowerbeds for a summer of enjoyment. As the snow left and the lawns started […]

Our Mower That Just Won’t Quit

Toro Lawn Mower

It’s human nature I guess to try and seek out a bargain when you’re making a purchase, especially when it’s something of a more expensive nature, and it’s easy to find yourself gravitating to the bargain model, even though you know it will be inferior to the more expensive models. A lesson in getting what […]

Ames True Temper Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow

ames true temper wheelbarrow

Six years ago, we packed up everything we had and moved to the country. At the time, we only had two children, and we wanted them to grow up with plenty of room to run. It was also important to us that we teach our children the value of good, hard work; so we decided […]

Change Out Your Wheelbarrow Tires For More Versatility

Marathon Tubeless Tires

We made the decision to change out the tires on our Ames True Temper Wheelbarrow to the Marathon Tubeless tires for one reason, and one reason only. No more flats! We have rocky, uneven terrain around our homestead and garden. Over the last six years of owning the wheelbarrow, the land started to take it’s […]

Chitting And Chips – Time to Plant Your Tatties

They don't look like much, but these are late blight resistant Sorpas

The instructions say “Order your seed potatoes early and aim to get them in shallow trays by mid February” It’s late March and my seed potatoes have only just arrived! Well it’ll be fun to try and grow potatoes again. The last time I tried, they were got at by some sort of blight, so […]

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