Ames True Temper Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow

ames true temper wheelbarrowSix years ago, we packed up everything we had and moved to the country. At the time, we only had two children, and we wanted them to grow up with plenty of room to run.

It was also important to us that we teach our children the value of good, hard work; so we decided to go the homesteading route.

One of the first purchases that we made at our new home was the big Ames True Temper 10 cubic foot wheelbarrow. We had a lot of work to do to transform our new place into a working homestead.

There was no fencing, no animal shelters, no gravel or mulch laid. The house and surrounding area needed a lot of tender loving care, and a ton of elbow grease.

We have hauled more loads in that wheelbarrow than I care to think about, and it is still solid as a rock, six years later.

The thing I love most about the Ames wheelbarrow is the ease of maneuverability. While I am not the weakest woman in the world, I don’t have bulging biceps either. This wheelbarrow is a breeze for me steer, and we have a lot of holes and divets on our property. Even trucking this thing uphill is not a problem for me.

My two oldest sons help out a lot now, especially with the animal chores. One of their bigger chores is getting hay to the animals. We use square bales, each one weighing in at 40 lbs.

My nine and seven year old sons load the wheelbarrow up with two bales of hay and then push the wheelbarrow slightly uphill to the hungry goats.

I wanted to show just how easy the Ames True Temper is to handle, so I shot a video of my oldest son pushing two of his brothers around. In this video, there is approximately ninety pounds worth of brothers.

Our wheelbarrow is a dark gray color, the same model is now bright orange.

***Note***When I first started shooting the video, there was also approximately fifty pounds worth of sisters. The girls quickly got scared though and exited the wheelbarrow. I think you can understand shy 😉

As you can see, getting this wheelbarrow from point A to point B will not be a problem.


Ames True Temper Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow Stands The Test Of Time

One of the things that I love most about this wheelbarrow is how well it has held up. It is six years old, and has been totally abused through the years. We use it to haul gravel, mulch, manure, bricks, landscaping rocks, and we regularly mix cement in it.

This wheelbarrow has not cracked once on us, which is amazing considering the fact that we leave it out in the elements 24/7- 365 days a year.

There is also a bit of rust on the undercarriage part (again, we leave it out in the elements constantly), and the paint has chipped on the handles. I honestly expect to get at least five more years out of this wheelbarrow.


Ames Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow Features

This wheelbarrow is made with heavy duty materials. The handles are made from hard woods. (Even though my wheelbarrow has always been left out in the elements, the handles are still in fantastic condition! The paint is peeling a bit, but the wood is still strong.)

The tray is lightweight, corrosion proof and rust proof, we have never had any problems with ours.

The undercarriage is all steel.

This wheelbarrow has a 10 cubic foot capacity, and the dual wheels are 16 inches. The length is 60 inches, width is 34.5 and the height is 32 inches.


Great Reviews On Amazon!

The Ames wheelbarrow has been given a rating of 4 stars on Amazon. I was reading through some of the reviews and one reviewer mentioned that it was big enough to use as a swimming pool on a hot day.

I had to laugh because this is exactly what my children have used it for. They were outside doing their afternoon chores. Enough time had passed, and they should have been finished. All of a sudden I started hearing shouts and squeals. I raced outside and there they were!

Three boys as happy as could be sitting in the wheelbarrow full of water, splashing each other and having the time of their lives.

If you are looking for a great wheelbarrow that is built to last, easy to maneuver, big enough to complete your toughest job, and which also moonlights as a swimming pool, the Ames True Temper Dual Wheel is your best bet.

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