Change Out Your Wheelbarrow Tires For More Versatility

Marathon Tubeless TiresWe made the decision to change out the tires on our Ames True Temper Wheelbarrow to the Marathon Tubeless tires for one reason, and one reason only. No more flats!

We have rocky, uneven terrain around our homestead and garden. Over the last six years of owning the wheelbarrow, the land started to take it’s toll.

My husband started reading up on what we could do to extend the longevity of our tires because we started to notice that the tires were looking pretty sorry.

He came across the tubeless tires and we decided to give them a shot.

He just changed the tires out about a month ago, and the difference has been really great. We didn’t realize how much harder to steer the wheelbarrow had become. The old tires were very low in air and had started to dry rot.

Now that we have tires that are the perfect “size and pressure” we don’t have to worry about losing the benefits of properly inflated tires.

They will always be perfect.

I just asked my husband how long it took him to change out the tires, and he said it was a five minute job. The job only required a pair of pliers to remove the cotter pin holding the tire in place.

I wouldn’t say that you would need to purchase these tires right away if you are purchasing a new wheelbarrow. Go ahead and get as much life out of the tires that came with your wheelbarrow first.

But once you start to notice changes in the tires, dry rot, or deflation, you might want to go ahead and consider changing over to the flat-free tires.

We ordered ours off of Amazon, and they have many different models to choose from, just do a search for “tubeless wheelbarrow tires”.

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