Ames True Temper Wheelbarrow

My first experience using a wheelbarrow was when I was around 12 years of age helping my parents in the backyard moving a large mound of dirt. I really wonder if that planted a seed in the back of my mind, because it seems like throughout my teen years and adults years, I have been using a wheelbarrow for literally 35 years of my life off and on.

I remember using them while working in a green house. Man, that was tough work and it didn’t make it any easier with some of the equipment they used. Especially when it came time to moving around hundreds of small plants. Sometimes you have a cart, while other times, all you have to rely upon was a crappy old wheelbarrow.

The one memory that really stood out for me personally, was helping my buddy in his construction company pouring concrete. The wheelbarrow that we used was this 150 pound beast of a model. It was old, unsteady but could stand up to major abuse. The biggest challenge of course, it only had a single wheel and axle, which made it even more difficult to use at times, when you have to wheel a full load of wet concrete. For anyone that has ever had to do that, will appreciate what I have done.

Lets take a closer look at one wheelbarrow that can be used for residential use and construction.

Ames True Temper C6 6-Cubic-Foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow

Product Features

Construction is Heavy Duty

Has a traditional steel tray

The handles are made of hardwood

Length: 58.75 x 25.5 x 27 inches in ht

Times have certainly changed and as technology has improved even for wheelbarrow manufacturing, the makes and models they have today is simply outstanding. If you are looking for a quality brand that is highly recommended, I would suggest you check out my other post on the Marathon Industries Residential Wheelbarrow .

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