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Chitting And Chips – Time to Plant Your Tatties

They don't look like much, but these are late blight resistant Sorpas

The instructions say “Order your seed potatoes early and aim to get them in shallow trays by mid February” It’s late March and my seed potatoes have only just arrived! Well it’ll be fun to try and grow potatoes again. The last time I tried, they were got at by some sort of blight, so […]

Liquid Fertiliser From Comfrey


Save money by making your own liquid fertiliser. You don’t have to spend money on commercial liquid feed. This is what to do: Plant some comfrey. Comfrey is a vigorous, tough plant which likes plenty of water. Choose the spot in your garden carefully because it isn’t easy to get rid of. It will grow […]

Hellebores for Winter Color

hellebore Christmas rose

I’ve had Hellebores growing in my garden for many years, but they have not been the most colourful varieties. More often, they have been a subtle shade of green, and it is this subtlety that makes them so attractive, especially when mixed in with other plants. The other day a friend gave me a beautiful […]

Getting those Hanging Baskets Their Brilliant Best

Petunia Easy Wave Plum Vein

Constantly trying to keep my weight down as I do, I’ve found the best way, (apart from living by the rule, “if it tastes’ good, spit it out”), regular exercise has been a big part of my success. Though there are a ton of different methods, what appeals to me is simply walking, and I […]

Why You Should Grow Organic Food


Until recently, I was never really concerned about eating organic. I usually just shrugged off the idea as a gimmick made up by those who wanted to make more money growing fruits and vegetables. It has only been recently as I attempt to make our family meals more healthy by growing my own veggies with […]

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