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I Love My Agapanthus

I bought it in early summer this year and it has looked wonderful on my terrace – and still looks architectural now it has seeded. The pale blue flower heads are on stems at least 3 feet long. The strap like leaves hang down over the pot, completing the effect. If you plant bulbs, the […]

How to build a “Flower Tower”

After the last of the winter has finally left us, a favorite pastime for my wife and I is to jump in her rag top and visit the local nurseries and greenhouses in our annual quest to buy seedlings for our hanging baskets. A few years ago we stumbled on an out of the way […]

Growing Olive Trees From Cuttings

This is so simple it is pretty amazing. Normally you have to put a lot of work in to taking cuttings from trees and expecting them to grow. It normally involves grafting on to specific root stock. Olive trees are different. After much experimenting I have found that you can grow Olive trees from cuttings […]

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