Husqvarna Chainsaws Reviews: Finally, A REAL Review!

The annoying thing is that if you search for Husqvarna chainsaws reviews, or Husqvarna chainsaw testimonials, you really don’t find REAL reviews. Not from people that actually have bought and used Husqvarna chainsaws for any length of time. I am going to set the record straight, and give a real review of my current chainsaw, and talk about why Husqvarna are the absolute best option for anyone that wants value for money but the best possible build quality.

husqvarna chainsaws

Still a bit of work to do, as you can see!

Having tried many different brands over the years I can tell you now that Husqvarna are the best of the best. If you want to buy a Husqvarna chainsaw please read my review to see why this is the best possible option. I also give you some tips on picking the best size for you too. What did annoy me is that I bought mine form a local store before I checked online. Bad move on my part. They are actually about 30% cheaper online than what I paid, at least if you buy from the best place.

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Why Husqvarna Chainsaws

The simple fact is that they are the best possible build quality. And they are Swedish made. Guaranteed top of the range, the best money can buy, but without a ridiculous price tag.

You may think that a chainsaw is going to cost an astronomical sum of money, this isn’t the case at all. At least if you buy online, which I found out a little too late!

How Long Will They Last

I have had my current model for 7 years now. It has been updated and now the range is even more improved. But the fact is that these beauties will carry on working for decades with no problems at all.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Price

The Husqvarna chainsaw price is pretty amazing. You simply will not find a better quality chainsaw for a better price. If you want to buy rubbish then you can buy very discounted models but to be honest I would not go near them. You are taking your life in your hands, a chainsaw is a deadly weapon, and the last thing you want is any risk at all of something going wrong.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Features

All the models have a number of features as standard and this is what makes them so appealing.

  • Low emissions make them super energy efficient
  • Vibration dampening means you won’t get shaky hand syndrome!
  • Choke for ease of starting
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system means they don’t wear like other inferior machines do

The fact is that the features are so robust and come as a standard that the machine itself is not going to wear out. The motor gets minimal strain, the filter system is second to none, and the low vibration means you are not going to get a shaky hand after a few minutes of work. If you have tried some models you know that the vibration is so intense you simply cannot work for any period of time whatsoever.

Never Fails To Start

husqvarna chainsaw review

This is what I totally love about my chainsaw. Having tried many models where you are pulling the start cord repeatedly I never have this problem with my Husqvarna. It starts perfectly every time. The technology and design means that the carburetor never floods, you pull and you are ready.

Inertial Activated Chain Break

Very important.

Kickbacks can be lethal. The chainbreak is a great feature that puts risk of injury to a minimum.


This is what makes the Husqvarna chainsaw perfect for me. They are not too heavy. They are built to give the robustness needed without being so heavy that you cannot work for long periods of time with them.

They just feel “right”.


Husqvarna make the most comfortable chainsaws I have ever used. Right down tot the angle of the pull cord to the feel of the handle. All just about perfect.

You don’t feel uncomfortable in any way, or feel like you are holding it in anything but a totally natural position that simply lends itself perfectly to making short work of anything you are working on.


A special not on starting.

Read the manual!

Seriously. People complain about not being able to start chainsaws simply because they do not know what they are doing. You set the choke on then pull the cord. The saw “bites” but does not start. Then it is off with the choke and you pull the cord and it starts. If you keep trying to start it without putting the choke off you will flood it.

A simple set of rules but people seem to overlook them time and time again.

First time every single time for me over 7 years.

Read the Manual!!!

Best Size Husqvarna Chainsaw

log pileIf you are wondering what size Husqvarna chainsaw is best then I would day go for the 18″ or 20″, it is simply a more versatile machine.

They are more heavy duty so make short work of almost anything, and they allow you to cut larger logs with less hassle. Trust me, get the largest size you can afford. The difference in price is minimal but the ease of work is poles apart. The more robust the chainsaw and the longer the actual length of the saw the easier it is to work with wood of any size.

The Husqvarna chainsaw is going to cut through hardwoods like they were paper, and the larger the model the easier it will be.

So, if you want to buy the best chainsaw there is then buy a Husqvarna chainsaw. Hopefully my review has confirmed that you are making a very sensible decision. They are the best there is, bar none.

*Please note the link above directs to amazon as I have found they offer great deals on Husqvarna chainsaws.

12 Responses to Husqvarna Chainsaws Reviews: Finally, A REAL Review!

  1. Steve

    It is good to shop around and local places are aware of this and have according reduced prices at a good local power equipment shop. I bought my Husqvarna online at the rock bottom price, unfortunately it arrived damaged and I didn’t notice it right away, ok no big dead it was a $15 plastic part so I coughed it up. Now for the big issue, if you buy online and there is an issue that needs warranty attention you local shop will not appreciate your online purchase. My saw did not run out of the box correctly and the online place is done with you, I luckily found a good shop to take care of me as the saw was not assembled correctly from factory and had a leaky cylinder gasket. Worse of all, I never gave them a shot when I bought the saw online and the price was about the same if I had inquired. Just be careful buying online, the first shop I went to see basically said screw you, didn’t buy it here, not going to fix it.

    Also, you do not judge the size of a chainsaw by the bar! It is the cc displacement that matters the most, the bar can be any size but a bigger cc saw will be more powerful and can handle bigger bars better

  2. Wanda

    Thanks. I live in Puerto Rico and have a large yard. I’m researching information and enjoyed reading your comments. Thanks for sharing these details.

  3. Jack Riddell

    You didn’t specify which model you are reviewing. I have a Model 240 and since new, it has been extremely difficult to start. I have a copy of the starting instructions posted in my shop and use them every time. This morning, it took 24 pulls before I got ignition. It takes some real strength to pull the starting cord and I must but both feet on the unit to hold it down. After fiddling with the choke and about 10 more pulls, it finally ran. But when I got to the tree I wanted to trim, it stopped again and would not restart. I have a California legal model so the anti-smog features might come into play here. But at this point, I would NOT recommend a Husqvarna.

    • Robert

      Jack check the rubber intake boot for cracks I had the same problem with my 357xp. now it’s in need of a rebuild because the piston is scored.

      • Hi Robert,

        Thanks for the reply. There is definitely something wrong with my chainsaw. I am afraid it is only a matter of time before the starter cord breaks. What really disappoints is this is a relative new unit and has been used sparingly. I must have bought one with a factory defect. I wish I had known that sooner.

        Thanks again for the reply – Jack

    • Dave O

      I bought the same saw and had a very similar problem. Hard to start, and would stall at low idle, harder to start after it stalled. I tore it apart and cleaned out all the ports and passes in the carb. Now it idles and runs good, though it is still a bit finicky to start. Also, mine has CHINA cast into the throttle body. I would assume yours has the same cheep carb as mine. If that’s the case it is probably just dirty.

  4. H Hanford

    Can’t say I agree with this review. My 450e had the oil pump go after using it on a total of 4 afternoons perhaps a total of 16 hrs run time.
    This of course caused it to overheat (I suppose I should have noticed that the oil flow had stopped).
    On taking it to my service shop I was advised the saw had been badly built and the over heating had chared the houseing where the bar touches it, which meant that even with a new pump the chain oil would not flow where it should.
    The service shop was repairing 30+ chain saws which were about a 75/25 mix of Husqvarna and Sthil.
    I was told both makes were of poor quality being built of plastic. Brand leaders maybe but I would never buy another Husqvarna. My advice to anyone wanting to buy a saw is go to a repair shop that repairs any make and ask what makes last longest without parts requiring repair.

    • aug

      Husky had a lot of plastic in 1975 when I started cutting logs, they switched to all aluminum at the same time Stihl switched to plastic, go figure. I switched to all Stihl in 1984 as a field tester for Stihl when they were designing the new 084 and 064 and it was a huge advantage not breaking the expensive aluminum parts all the time. I’ll take the plastic every time; I know how bad it was in the non plastic era. Ideas circle in and out of fashion because people don’t learn from the past as it’s all quickly forgotten.

  5. Jerry

    I have had a Husky 261 for 14 years and only now am I considering replacing it. It has served me well in the north woods of Maine. I buck up 10 chord of firewood every two years and maintain a 58 acre wood lot. I have no complaints about the husqvarna except that I have gone thru at least 5 brakes over the years. Guess I use it too much. I am upgrading to a professional model this year. I buy local because I can just drop in and the saw shop will fix it right away. Stay away from big name stores, they get seconds and special orders.

  6. Jeff

    I have a 1983 vintage Model 61 rancher that regularly has 100 tanks of fuel per year put through (it). It has had one piston meltdown (my fault….ignored the high idle that day which indicated a cracked intake boot). Simple cleanup of the cylinder, new boot, and a new piston, I had it up and running again in under an hour. That was twenty years ago.

    It has had countless chain and bar configurations throughout the years, but the 20″ is the normal gear.

    With proper maintenance, such as routine disassembly of the plastics to clean out the debris, replacement of fuel filter, fuel lines, and a/v mounts (if rubber like these), quality fuel stabilizer used on EVERY tank of fuel, and quality 2-stroke oil, these have a good probability to run a long time.

    One additional note, with the strict emissions guidelines most saws run WAY lean out of the box, and do require tuning to ensure proper running and easy starting. This is an advantage of buying from your local dealer. They can get the saw running proper, but that does not gaurantee it will run right in all conditions. With my older saw, it will run differently if there is a 20 degree temp swing, or if there is a large humidity change.

  7. aug

    if you’ve never worn out a chainsaw you’re not qualified to coment on them.
    a timber feller wears out any chainsaw within a year brand be dammed.
    I quit running husky because of permanent damage to my hands from vibration, especially from the husky trigger.
    Stihl makes a more powerful chain saw by weight in any size and much smoother. The Stihl MS362 has the most power to weight of any saw model or brand period.
    any saw that still uses an outboard clutch (Husky) is nothing but an antique curiosity.

  8. Adam

    I totally agree that Husqvarna saws are terrific! I’ve owned a model 350 for about 10 years and it starts every time within 2 pulls. I picked up the model 162 and replaced the stock engine with a 5HP one, slapped a 24″ bar on it and cut 19-23″ dia. trees all day long with it. I stop to replace chains, too lazy to sharpen ’em., and love it love it love it. Happy in the Alaskan woods

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