Husqvarna Brush Cutters and Trimmers

The best way to deal with any real volume of brush or weedy overgrowth in the yard has to be with a good quality brush cutter or trimmer. Personally after six years of using a gas powered Husqvarna brush cutter I know there is no other choice if you want reliability, value for money and both ease of use and simple starting!

Husqvarna is an extremely trustworthy name when it comes to garden machinery. But, something as simple as a line trimmer can be bought anywhere, and there are many manufacturers producing them extremely cheaply. So why did I invest in a heavy duty Husqvarna brushcutter? Well I had a few points I knew were important:

  1. I wanted to buy one trimmer and know it would last a long time. Any gas trimmer is going to have a hard time. All the vibration plus whacking against hidden tree stumps and rocks means I needed something built to last.
  2. It had to be a gas powered brush cutter due to the size of our plot. Battery powered would never last long enough and corded wouldn’t get me far from the house!
  3. In my experience anything with an engine will at some point need some professional attention. Since neither my partner or myself are particularly good with engines, I wanted something that could be serviced locally. Many small tool-shops here simply don’t want to touch generic or cheap machinery, so a big name brand it had to be. As it turns out six years on, no-one but myself has looked at the thing, but still; better safe than sorry!
  4. Since the job of using the brush cutter would be solely my responsibility it needed to be light enough for me to handle.
  5. As I knew clearing the land would take long hours I needed it to be comfortable to use.

So I knew it had to be a brand that could be serviced locally, which narrowed it down to Stihl or Husqvarna as both are popular with the local farming community.

It needed bike style handles which were fully adjustable. Anything else would be no good to use all day long.

The weight distribution needed to “feel” right. This ruled out a curved shaft for me. The straight shafted brush-cutters hang more naturally from the harness in the right position.

I needed to be able to change the head from the nylon string attachment to a more heavy duty blade easily. I am great at avoiding chores if the set up to get started takes to long!

Above all it needed to be reliably easy to start…

I ended up with the largest mid-range model, the Husqvarna 235FR Brushcutter. You can find them at great prices on Amazon

Though I paid a little over the odds for mine personally (being unable to get deliveries from on-line stores at the time) I would heartily recommend Husqvarna brush cutters and trimmers. You don’t have to have acres of land to get good use out of them. Nowadays mine is most regularly used for edging the raised vegetable beds, and it works a charm.

Well after six years, she might be dirty but she’s still going strong:

Yes, I could have posted a picture of a spanking new shiny brush-cutter. But as you can see mine is far from that. And, that’s the beauty of my Husqvana brushcutter; they really do last!

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