Getting Fit in the Garden

As much as I love an excuse to use a labour-saving device such as my fabulous Husqvarna brush cutter, one of the very best things about gardening is that it is a simple way to improve your fitness, without even trying. You see, whilst I am not a fan of “exercise” I love being active outdoors.

There is nothing better than a true work-out that uses every bit of you, but doesn’t need any special equipment, or having to pay gym membership. Best of all you don’t have to plan a routine, or wonder whether your core is being strengthened enough. Get out into the garden for a few hours a week and (as long as you get up out of the sun lounger now and again) you are sure to be exercising every bit of you.

You don’t need to just being doing the hard stuff such as digging over the vegetable patch either. Just walking around, bending to collect debris and taking it over to your compost bin, or spending a little time weeding will get you stretching, lifting and moving in all sorts of ways.

It is a good idea to avoid the time-saving options now and again (as long as you really do have time of course!):

  • Forget using the hose, and water the containers with watering cans instead. Yes it will take you longer, but if you have 2 cans it is a great upper body workout.
  • Consider using a manual reel push mower. If you have a reasonably flat lawn they are surprisingly easy to use but of course get your legs working a lot harder than simply following an electric mower.
  • Get yourself a wood powered outdoor fire pit. You’ll soon find yourself lugging lots of heavy logs around the garden!
  • Try using a scythe to manage long grass and brambles. Once you get into the swing of it, they are surprisingly easy to use, but all the twisting and turning will do wonders for your waist-line.

Simply pottering around the garden is good for you. But occasionally, when you have extra time to spare doing things by hand and leaving the gadgets in the garage can be a good way to get yourself even fitter!



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