It’s Tilling Time Again

Spring has sprung

Spring has finally sprung here on the 52nd parallel and it was a long time coming. However, after 6 months of winter spent dreaming of gardening, studying seed catalogues, spending hours with my friend Google looking for that perfect new squirrel proof bird feeder , and planning my gardening activities in general, I’m ready to start getting my hands dirty once more.

Determine your requirements before you buy

Winter gave me the time to fully research what I knew was an absolute essential purchase, a new gas powered garden tiller. I’d struggled with an old beast of a machine of some obscure name and age, that I’d picked up at a garage sale many years ago, which at the time seemed a good deal, but in reality wasn’t really suitable for my needs.

I’d made the mistake back then of letting price being the determining factor (pretty easy when you have precious little money) rather than stepping back and deciding what I really needed, then purchasing accordingly.

For something like a garden tiller, there are such a wide variety of styles and sizes sold it can be a bit confusing. Couple that with each brand producing a different model of each of those styles and sizes and you have a real shoppers nightmare!

It really helps when you know your needs!

In my case it was pretty simple, I needed something small enough for my town sized garden, compact enough that my wife could handle, yet big enough that it could spend some evenings weeding between the rows in Gramma’s great big communal garden , as well as being not too heavy for me to pick up and throw in the back of my pick up truck.

I also was determined this would be the last tiller I’d be be buying so it needed to be of pretty high quality.

Not every manufacturer makes such a machine, but I found the perfect model that ticked all the boxes on the Mantis website, and from there narrowed it down to the Mantis XP Tiller (with a 16” tilling width) . It’s sitting in the garage just waiting for the soil to warm up.

I can’t wait to give it it’s initial run!


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