How To Choose The Best Mantis Tiller For You

Mantis is one of the most popular garden tiller makers. But how do you go about figuring out and choosing the best Mantis tiller for you? They make both electric and gasoline models, and within the gasoline models you can choose between 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. So how can you make sense out of these choices and Choose The Best Mantis Tiller For You *?

Tilling Width

The first place to start is knowing how wide a path you need to be able to till. All Mantis tillers except one till a 9 inch path. There is one model which tills a much wider 16 inch path. Although it weighs in at about 10 pounds more than the other models (which run from 20 lbs. To about 27 lbs.), at 34 lbs. It’s still not a heavyweight. It’s powered by a 4 stroke Honda engine as the all the 4 stroke gasoline tillers are, which means you’re getting a gasoline powered garden tiller with one of the most dependable engines there is.

2 stroke or 4 stroke?

There are models using both types of gasoline engines. You may be wondering why anyone would want to have a tiller with a 2 stroke engine since they require gas and oil to be mixed. The answer is that this type of engine is lighter than a 4 stroke, although it must be said that in the case of the Mantis tillers, the models using a 4 stoke are not much heavier than those using the 2 stroke engines.

One characteristic of 4 stroke engines besides not having to mix the fuel and oil that may appeal to many buyers of garden tillers is that they run quieter than 2 stroke models.

So the choice is having a slightly heavier tiller (26 pounds as opposed to 20 or 25 pounds) in order to gain less engine noise and the convenience of not having to mix gas and oil.

Electric – The Third Option

There is a third option. There is an electric garden tiller model from Mantis. It weighs only 21 pounds, yet offers the power and instant start of a ¾ horsepower electric motor. Dealing with the cord can be bothersome to some people, but there is no quieter type of tiller and it offers the same tilling abilities as its louder gasoline powered cousins.

All the Mantis tillers offer variable speeds up to 240 rpm. Even the electric tiller offers this performance. Plus the reliability of a Mantis tiller makes the decision not which tiller to buy, but only which Mantis tiller is the best for you.

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