Why I Chose To Buy A Mantis Tiller

It’s nearly spring now, and it’s time to think about getting your soil ready for the new growing season. One of the best ways to prep the garden is loosening up the soil and mixing in compost by using one of the great mantis tillers. A Mantis tiller is one of the most popular tillers on the market, and there are some very good reasons for this. Let’s examine some of them and find out why so many master gardeners choose a Mantis tiller for their own gardens.


Perhaps the first concern of any one thinking about buying a garden tiller is the quality of the machine. What good is there in investing your hard-earned money and your time and labor in a machine that is not reliable? Fortunately for buyers of Mantis tillers, quality is not a concern. They are ranked as a Consumers Digest Best Buy for their well-known and tested durability and versatility. In fact, there are optional attachments available that make a Mantis tiller one of the most versatile and complete of lawn or garden tools.

Depth Matters

All the Mantis tillers till to a depth of 10 inches. Very few if any of their competitors till that deep. Most fall short by several inches. The advantage in the greater depth of the Mantis tiller is that the soil is more fully aerated and compost materials are more fully able to nourish plants as they grow a vigorous new root system all of which makes for healthier and hardier plants. And that translates to better yields for the gardener.

Optional Attachments

Mantis tillers offer an array of attachments which give you everything you could possibly need to prepare your garden. Here’s a list of Mantis Tiller Attachments.


  • Planter/Furrower Attachment

    This attachment offers Mantis tiller owners the ability to create deep, 6 inch wide furrows by using two tines. It’s perfect for growers of a variety of garden plants such as corn, tomatoes, beans, onions, and flower bulbs. The furrows offer roots drought resistant growth and they yield really great results in root crop yields such a potatoes.
    Other uses for this attachment include digging trenches for irrigation hoses and low-voltage outdoor lighting.


  • Plow Attachment The plow attachment makes it easy to create shallow or deep furrows in tilled soil, and get it done in record time. It’s so much easier than making them by hand. A real time saver.



  • Lawn Dethatcher Has your lawn been taken over by weeds or crabgrass? Was your lawn originally laid as sod, which has since died and made a lawn surface which is impervious to allowing water down into the soil? Believe me, that this can happen. We owned a home with exactly this problem, and the only answer is to use a dethatcher. You must rip the old sod up, or uproot pesky plants such as crabgrass or weeds before you can coax a new lawn into being. This attachment is perfect for the job.


  • Lawn Aerator Four sets of tempered steel knives cut into the ground allowing for better absorption of water and air which leads to a much healthier lawn. Golf courses do this twice a year, and if you have ever watched golf on TV you know how great their grass looks.


  • Crevice Cleaner A steel brush to keep the cracks in your driveway or walk clear of dirt and weeds. It attaches easily to either side of the axle and makes short work of keeping your walk and driveway looking their best.


  • Border Edger The border edger attachment lets you cut clean, precise borders around your garden, flower beds, or your driveway and walks.


  • Wheel Set The wheels attach in just seconds and are adjustable to six different positions. They attach in just minutes, and give you the option of rolling your tiller instead of carrying it. It’s good to have options. The wheels also make it so easy to use with the crevice cleaner or the border edger attachments. The wheels also let you keep it in the garage or shed where you store it without having to lean it against the wall.


Some of the attachments are offered in combination at reduced prices creating even greater value for their buyers. For instance, if you choose the Aerator/Dethatcher combination you can save up to $40 over the cost of buying them separately.


Mantis tillers are lightweight and can be carried with one hand. There are no lighter, easier to use tillers on the market.

Tines Guarantee

The hardened steel tines used by Mantis on their tillers have a guarantee against breakage FOR LIFE. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that incredible. In my experience, I have found that finding rocks in a new garden plot is a fairly common occurrence, and hitting a rock with a tiller is a good way to break the tines. Mantis knows this, but they are so confident in the quality of the parts they use to build these wonderful garden tillers, that they cover the tines with a lifetime guarantee.

Variety of Sizes and Power

The Mantis tiller comes in different sizes and offers several options in terms of the power of the engine. For larger gardens, you’ll certainly want to buy a tiller with greater size and power to make your job easier and faster, but for the small yard or garden, it makes more sense to choose a Mantis tiller that is smaller and doesn’t have power that you’ll never need.

All in all it’s hard to see why anyone would want to buy any other tiller than a Mantis tiller.


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