Why Mantis Tiller Is The Best

More than 1 million people have voted for Mantis tillers by buying them. That’s right, there are more than 1 million Mantis tiller owners. And that speaks volumes about the reputation of the company and the design of their garden tillers.

They have been recognized by Consumer Digest as a Best Buy thanks to their versatility, durability and performance.

Mantis tillers use a patented reversible serpentine tine design which easily breaks through the hardest of soils, including clay soils.

They are light enough to be carried in one hand (20 – 34 pounds depending upon the model). They also have an assortment of attachments available which make them perhaps the most versatile yard and garden tool of all time. These include a dethatching attachment, an aerator attachment, a crevice cleaner, a plow, an edger and more.

The tines are guaranteed for life. Given that they chew through the toughest soils even rocky ones with ease, this is some guarantee.

In addition all Mantis tillers are covered a 5 year consumer warranty. Let me explain that. It means that all the components are protected against defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years. If any part fails due to materials or workmanship, Mantis will replace it with no charge to the purchaser.

Given the power, versatility, and quality of a Mantis tiller, why would you want anything else?

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