Intex 18 x 48 Pool Review

Two years ago, we bought the Intex 18 x 48 pool. We had never owned an above ground pool before, so I thought it was best to get one of the Intex easy set pools because they’re cheaper and seemed reasonably easy to set up.

Intex Easy Set 18 x 48 Pool

I gotta say the hubby wasn’t too excited about the prospect of owning a pool. He had read one too many forums of the hassles of owning a pool and he thought it wasn’t worth it. But we spent a lot of money in public pools and I thought this would work well for us in the long run. After days of talking about it, he eventually caved in. 🙂

Why The Intex 18 x 48 Pool

Intex offers many different kinds of pools but right from the very start, I knew I wanted to get one of the easy set pools. They are not as durable as the ultra frame pools but the price and the convenience of setting up this pool was something I had to think about (considering that I also had a half-interested partner)..

The only thing we really had to decide was which easy set pool to buy. I originally wanted the 15 feet pool but many of the reviews I read online pointed out that the 18 x 48 Intex pools are better value than the 15 feet ones.

After a lot of deliberation, we decided to buy Intex 18×48 pool. It costs about a $100 dollars more but we decided that the larger hoses and the better/stronger pump were worth it.

Setting The Pool Up

We did lots (and I mean lots) of research before we bought this pool (my husband was hoping I’d change my mind after all that research I had to go through!). And almost every person’s review emphasized how very important it is to have level ground before putting this pool up.

I thought that wasn’t going to be a problem at all as the ground in our backyard looks very level to me. Turns out, not so much. We (meaning my husband and his brother, bless him) spent hours outside digging, putting in sand and levelling that ground like the world would end if they didn’t do that levelling perfectly.

All that digging and levelling took a lot more time than actually setting the pool up.

After levelling the ground and setting up the pool, it then took about 10-12 hours to fill it with water. We did this overnight and the pool was almost ready when we woke up in the morning… Oh happy days..

My Intex 18 x 48 Pool Review

I’m really happy with this pool. It’s been 2 years and it still looks like its got a couple more years to go. We have always stored this away during the winter (you can leave it out with a pool cover, but we choose not to do that) and in the Spring (which I have decreed will be in a couple of weeks or so) we’re taking it out of hiding and set it up again.

My children love this pool and despite all the “pain” that comes with owning a pool, I still think this was a purchase that was well worth it. The kids and their friends stay in the pool all summer long and I’m glad to have them here at home most days as well.

Buy Intex 18 x 48 Easy Set Pool

We bought our Intex 18 x 48 pool online. The price was much cheaper than the one in our local shop and they delivered it straight to our doorstep too!

This pool is currently on sale at Amazon. Avail of the potential DISCOUNT here!

Is Their Anything I Would Change?

Yes. I wish we bought the saltwater filter when we got this. My sister just got an Intex Salt Water System above Ground Pool and that gadget makes your life easier. With the saltwater system, you don’t need to fiddle with chlorine and shock treatments. Even your skin feels nicer when you come out of the pool!

Actually, I’ve been slowly opening up the idea of buying a saltwater system to my husband. But that’s a completely different story! 🙂

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