Swimming Safety Tips For Children

When we installed our new Intex above ground swimming pool last year, we needed to make sure we had some safety guidelines in place as we have smaller children.

One thing we made sure that we did was always remove the ladder so that the kids didn’t climb in when we weren’t looking. As the walls are high enough that they can’t climb in, it is a way to keep them out.

When the kids were in the water we also made them were their life jackets as the water was a little deeper than we felt comfortable allowing them to be in without someone holding them. As they get a little older, life jackets probably won’t be necessary however for this age it is a must for their own safety.

Another thing that we ensured that we did was helping them in and out of the pool as we didn’t want them to slip and fall in.

While these are only a couple of safety measures we implemented, we are happy to report that we have had no accidents!

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