Wood And Log Splitting Wedges

wood splitting wedgesI gave a nice quick run-down on how to use a wood splitting wedge and the reality is that they are one of the best possible tools you could own for splitting wood. The Anaconda slide hammer is a great tool for a certain amount of wood splitting but if you want to tackle hardwood it is not always up to the job. This is where a good quality log splitting wedge comes in to its own.

They are very cheap to buy, discounts are available on Amazon for them:

See the options here*

And the reality is that a wedge for splitting wood and a sledgehammer can make short work of a large pile of logs in record time. And you won’t be in any pain, like you are often in if you use an axe. A lumber splitting wedge is so much easier to use than an axe for most people in any case.

Wood Splitting Wedge vs Axe

Axes can tire you out pretty quickly. You need some hefty swings and often you simply find that the axe does not do a clean job of it and gets stuck in the log.

With the wedge you give a few taps to get it embedded slightly in the log and then a few more forceful taps and it is split right through.


With the wedge you get to position it perfectly so you get the exact size of wood that you want. No just getting a rough split in a random place like you often do with an axe. They are perfect for making kindling but are also simply ideal for splitting a large log neatly too.

The beauty is that if we have any splits in the wood we can position the wedge in one and it makes our job even easier. They are simply so much more versatile than any other way of splitting wood ready for burning.

Log Splitter Wedge Options

Diamond Wood Splitting Wedge or Square Head?

Square head, definitely. They do a much better job and give a much better split for logs. The diamond ones are supposed to split in multiple directions but personally I prefer the square head. But read reviews of the different options via the link above, we all have our personal preferences.

Hardwood Splitting Wedge

hardwood splitting wedgeYou can see in the picture that what I split was actually 3 year old Almond, very hard indeed. It even takes a chainsaw some time to get through it. I split that piece with about 5 blows from my wedge, all the good quality options are going to perform this well. Hardwood splitting with a wedge is no problem at all.

For the prices these tools go for they really are a must have if you are interested in getting the wood split and stored ready for burning with a minimal amount of effort. I really cannot tell you how much easier it has made my life since I spent a minimal amount and used it rather than an axe. Now I stick to a chainsaw and the wedge for my old hardwood splitting.

*Please note the link above directs to amazon as I have found they offer great deals on log splitting wedges.

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  1. Gregory Frolov

    Hello, I’ve got a question about how to take care of your splitting wedge, to get the maximum amount of use, and life out of it. I’ve got an old #7 iron splitting wedge that I’m pretty sure is an antique. I picked it up at a yard sale a few years back, and it’s in awesome condition, but has obviously been around a while. I keep it sharp with a good clean edge, file off any burrs when the top starts to mushroom out, and even put a coat of oil on it when I know it won’t be used any time soon. Is there anything I might be forgetting? I’ve tried to find info on how to take care of a splitting wedge, but can’t find any.

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