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After yet another cheap garden hose split last summer I decided to start shopping around for a better one – this was the third one in as many years that had formed a ‘kink’ that eventually split. It had never really seemed worth ‘investing’ in a good hose to me – it’s hardly complicated equipment and just has the one easy job, right? But I was obviously missing something as all my ‘cheap and cheerful’ choices were ending up kinked, and then broken, in a very short time. I use my garden hose for watering and car washing all year round so this time I decided to do my homework first look for something that would last me a long time.

Click here to see the hose I chose!* …or read on for my review

AquaPure NeverKink Garden Hose

The main features I wanted in my new hose were:

  • Strong and durable – no more splitting after only one season!
  • Drinking water friendly – it’s a kid thing…
  • No kinking – is there anything more annoying?
  • Length – I like the hose to be long enough to reach all parts of the garden (and out to clean the car) without having to move it each time.

To be sure that I was getting good value I looked at several options, read some customer reviews, and eventually settled on the Apex 6612-100 AquaPure Neverkink Eco-Smart and Family Safe 9/16-Inch by 100-Foot Garden Hose. After my previous failures I was reassured to see that it also came with a lifetime guarantee – I do not want to be shopping for another one in a year!

A Real Kink Free Garden Hose?

Despite it being advertised as a ‘Neverkink ‘garden hose I had my doubts, as I know several other recommended kink free hoses don’t live up to the claims. I was proved wrong – to date the AquaPure has not kinked at all.

My other concern was that the hose is drinking safe – the younger members of my family enjoy drinking straight from the hose and I’d been a bit shocked by reports of some of the nasty chemicals in regular hoses. A friend who tries to keep her garden as organic as possible had mentioned this to me in the past, but before the kids started drinking from it I’d never bothered too much. Now I was worried that it was safe.

The materials in the AquaPure hose are advertised as FDA approved and lead-free so safe to drink. The water doesn’t get that rubbery ‘garden hose’ taste if you drink it (at least, not that I’ve noticed – I know a few other people have said that there is a distinct taste but maybe they’re more sensitive to tastes than me).

A couple of months in and I’m really impressed – the AquaPure really doesn’t kink, delivers safe drinking water, and feels pretty strong and sturdy – I think it will be getting a lot of use this summer. I did think that it was a little more money than I wanted to pay for a garden hose at first but now I’m satisfied that I got good value and a hose that will be lasting me for many years to come.

See the link above for more reviews on the AquaPure Neverkink (and to order it with free shipping).

*Please note the link above directs to amazon as I have found they offer great deals on garden hoses.

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