Best Pop-Up Canopy: Swiss Gear Smart Shade

Swiss Gear Smart Shade 10- by 10-foot Screenhouse

If you are looking for a little shade and relief from insects, then a canopy tent with screens can give you that relief. While there is some variety on the market for this type of product, you can’t go far wrong with well known brand Swiss Gear. The sturdy Swiss Gear Smart Shade 10- by 10-foot Screenhouse, based on user reviews, is about the best pop-up canopy of that size.

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Features of the Swiss Gear Smart Shade Screenhouse

The Swiss Gear Smart Shade Screenhouse is a pop-up canopy that is designed to be stable once you put it up. It comes with screen panels or walls that are great for keeping out insects and any blowing debris. However, you do not have to leave the screen walls up on the shade tent as they are designed to be removable. This means that you can the tent for a variety of purposes, such as without the screen walls at a trade show or at home on your patio with the screen walls. It is made out of 210D polyester, which is a type of material that is both water repellant and heavy duty. The material is also coated with a UV resistant coating to ensure that you stay cool if you are using the tent out in the sun.

Setting Up Your Swiss Gear Smart Shade

The set up for this tent is fairly easy and it can be up and in place within a few minutes. You do not even need any tools to put the tent together and up in your preferred location. The legs have easy release buttons that are designed for quick assembly without causing you any harm by pinching your fingers during use. It is important to note that while the set up for the shade tent is easy, it is a two person job.

When it is up, the Swiss Gear Smart Shade takes up around 100 square feet. At its center the height is 115 inches. The deck feet of the shade tent are designed for versatility. The feet have anchor points that can be used with screws or stakes. You can also use the Swiss Gear Smart Shade when it is windy because it comes with guyouts and batwings to keep it stable. The corners of the shade tent also have special dual stabilizer arms for additional eave support in windy conditions.

When you are moving the Smart Shade Screenhouse shade tent to the location where you want to set it up, you will notice that it is a little heavy at 45 pounds. Fortunately, it comes in an expandable duffel bag designed for transporting it. The bag has some pockets and is wheeled so that you can easily move around the shade tent to the desired location without any difficulty. It is actually very similar to a wheeled golf bag. The wheeled pack is very useful for those times when you might be using the shade tent at a trade show and have a long way between where you need to set up and the parking lot. Of course, if you are using the shade tent at the beach, the wheeled bag will not do you much good.

Looking After Your Swiss Gear Smart Shade Screenhouse

While the Swiss Gear Smart Shade Screenhouse is made out of material designed to be water repellant, a strong or steady rain can pose a problem for the shade tent. With steady rain, the rain water has the ability to pool and cause extra weight around the edge of the top of the shade tent. If too much weight pools up there, it can cause the side to buckle. To prevent this from happening, you might need to consider adding your own extra brace in bad weather.

Despite being built to be more sturdy and durable than competitors, high wind does have the potential to damage the Swiss Gear Smart. If the tent is not anchored in to the ground well, a very strong wind could uproot the entire thing and damage it. So take care as Swiss Gear does not offer replacement parts for sale and does not cover wind damage as part of the product warranty.

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