Coolaroo Sun Shade Sails

Coolaroo Shade SailsWe live in a place where summers are extremely hot, too hot to bear if truth be told. At least this was the case. The Coolaroo sun shade sail has made being outdoors during the warm months of the year a totally different experience. Rather than hiding away during the best parts of the day we can now spend time out of doors enjoying the fine weather. Shade in warm weather dramatically lowers the temperature. I didn’t really realize quite how much. It can turn a sweltering day into a pleasantly warm one.

And I was pleasantly surprised by this; whilst also making your outdoor living area look pretty amazing too. The Coolaroo triangle sun shade sail is what we opted for. Although they also offer Coolaroo square shade sails too. To be honest the layout of our patio area meant that the triangle version was a better fit, and I do think it adds that extra touch of style too.

Easy to buy online, and certainly at better prices than anywhere else, you can basically take your pick of sizes and shapes. So there is a cheap Sun shade sail with your name on it.

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Great prices aren’t they? Plus you get to pick from a massive range of colors too. Although personally plain Ivory is my prefererd choice.

Coolaroo 16-Foot-by-5-Inch Triangle Shade Sail with Hardware Kit

We bough the 16 foot triangle shade sail and I can honestly say that the value for money is amazing. When I think about the quality and the sheer overall ruggedness of the sail then I am more than happy with the price I paid. In fact when I think of the fact that it means we are not sweltering outside all Summer I think I would have paid a lot more!

My Coolaroo Shade Sale Review

Here is a quick rundown of what these shade sails actually do:

  • They are built to resist up to 90% of UV rays, so it means you can spend a pleasant day outside without worrying about sun damage to your skin.
  • They come with very heavy duty parts that are going to last as well as the sail itself. This thing is built to not need to be replaced.
  • It dramatically reduces the temperature underneath the sail. The adverts say a third cooler and I can well believe it!

Do You Get Everything You Need To Set It Up?

The simple answer is no. Chances are you will need to buy strong wire and eyebolts and screws too. Plus you will probably need to actually dig holes for poles, unless you have something already in place, or can attach to part of a building (most people will). And you do need to dig down pretty deep for the poles. You need to make sure that they are deep enough so that if there is any wind the sail doesn’t, sorry, wait for it…..Sail away!

Is It Worth The Trouble?

Definitely. It really does depend on the layout of the area you wish to shade regarding how hard or easy the set-up will be . But either way it is a few holes and a few poles in the ground at the most. And if you can hook it up to a building then it is simplicity itself. The results are totally worth it. A day max is needed to set everything up, and then you are going to have years of pleasant days spent out of doors in the cool, rather than scorching heat.

But really it is only any effort if you cannot mount at least a few points to the house. Most people will be able to do this and then just use a single pole.

Are They Permanent?

This is the beauty of the Coolaroo sun shade sail. You can simply unclip them when you want to take them down. If the winds get up too high or you don’t need it for the Winter then it takes a few seconds to unclip them and your work is done.

So if you want a cheap yet very effective way to make shade in any outdoor space, and one that actually adds a sense of style at the same time, then the Coolaroo Sun shade sails, for sale at some amazing prices online, are going to impress you no end.

*Please note the link above directs to amazon as I have found they offer great deals on Coolaroo sun shades.

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