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My main passions include growing vegetables and making amazing compost. I love nothing better than spending my time outdoors and I love writing my Gardening Tips and Garden Tool Reviews here at BIG Granite! I hope you enjoy my article.

How To Shade A Patio

shade sail

Because we live in such a warm climate it is essential that we have shade on our patio. When looking into how to shade a patio I came up with a number of different solutions. Simple shade umbrellas are an option, but to be honest they are not stable enough. A gust of wind and […]

Coolaroo Sun Shade Sails

Coolaroo Shade Sails

We live in a place where summers are extremely hot, too hot to bear if truth be told. At least this was the case. The Coolaroo sun shade sail has made being outdoors during the warm months of the year a totally different experience. Rather than hiding away during the best parts of the day […]

Zen And The Art Of Barbecue

barbecue firelighters

A Complete Guide To Making The Perfect Barbecue Barbecue Grilling The Zen Way For The Best Barbecue Barbecue Tips To Make you Drool! This is a complete guide to making perfect barbecue food time after time, year after year. You can have all the secret sauce recipes in the world but they will count for […]

Best Container For Garden Tools

tubtrug with tools

I used to be so un-organized with my tools but now I have the perfect solution. I did a full write-up of the best container for garden tools on my Tubtrugs article and this is just a quick recap so that you know what is the best thing to buy. And see my plastic garden […]

Cheap Plastic Trugs: Tubtrugs

tubtrug colors

Trugs, or the brand name of plastic trugs called Tubtrugs, are the one “must have” for any gardener. But they go beyond that, they have so many other uses, as we shall see later on in this article. A trug has the ability to totally transform how you work out of doors and the crazy […]

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