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My main passions include growing vegetables and making amazing compost. I love nothing better than spending my time outdoors and I love writing my Gardening Tips and Garden Tool Reviews here at BIG Granite! I hope you enjoy my article.

How To Cook Perfect Grilled Chicken With Your Barbecue

grilled chicken

If you don’t have a Bodum Fyrkat grill then you are going to at least need a grill with a lid if you want to make perfect grilled chicken. It is simple to do but you do need to be able to cover it for at least a part of the cooking process. I get…

Bodum Fyrkat 13.4 Inch Portable Charcoal Grill

Bodum Fyrkat Charcoal Grill

Bodum Fyrkat Portable Charcoal Grill Review We have had all manner of barbecue grills at our home. I even built a pizza oven that we used to use as a grill. We have had large grills on stands, small hibachi grills from Lodge Logic, and a few others over the years. The Bodum Fyrkat portable…

Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

cheap chainsaws

Buying a good quality chainsaw is important, and buying from legitimate places even more so, as I pointed out in my article. Once you have purchased your chainsaw there are a few simple maintenance tips to bear in mind. You want your chainsaw to last a lifetime, and it will, if you care for it…

Where To Buy Cheap Chainsaws

cheap chainsaws

In my Husqvarna chainsaw reviews article I talked about the best possible brand, but this is just a quick warning about where you buy chainsaws from. People want to know where to buy cheap chainsaws and this leads to some very serious dangers. A chainsaw is a totally lethal weapon and all due care must…

Husqvarna Chainsaws Reviews: Finally, A REAL Review!

husqvarna chainsaw review

The annoying thing is that if you search for Husqvarna chainsaws reviews you really don’t find REAL reviews. Not from people that actually have bought and used Husqvarna chainsaws for any length of time. I am going to set the record straight, and give a real review of my current chainsaw, and talk about why…

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