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My main passions include growing vegetables and making amazing compost. I love nothing better than spending my time outdoors and I love writing my Gardening Tips and Garden Tool Reviews here at BIG Granite! I hope you enjoy my article.

Best Color To Paint Garden Fences

dark fence

Who would thought a simple question like what is the best color to paint a garden fence could lead to so much discussion. But you will find people on gardening forums debating it over and over again. It is definitely a popular topic for discussion. After having had fences in numerous colors I have come…

What To Buy For A Gardener For Christmas


I often struggle to know what to buy people for Christmas, I know I am not easy to buy for myself. But here in this short article I just wanted to give you a few ideas as to what you could get a Gardener for Christmas. It came about after I wrote an article here…

Garden Tool Sets

Bond 6930 Pink 5 Piece Garden Tool Bag Gift Set

My Mum is a very avid gardener, just as I am, but one thing she absolutely refuses to do is buy quality garden tools. She insists on buying cheap stuff that breaks after a season or so. I try to explain that this is a total false economy as if she adds up what she…

Growing Olive Trees From Cuttings

our olive tree

This is so simple it is pretty amazing. Normally you have to put a lot of work in to taking cuttings from trees and expecting them to grow. It normally involves grafting on to specific root stock. Olive trees are different. After much experimenting I have found that you can grow Olive trees from cuttings…

Wood Splitting Wedges

wood splitting wedges

I gave a nice quick run-down on how to use a wood splitting wedge and the reality is that they are one of the best possible tools you could own for splitting wood. The Anaconda slide hammer is a great tool for a certain amount of wood splitting but if you want to tackle hardwood…

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