No Dig Gardening

No dig gardening is a uniquely simple means of setting up your garden. When you opt for a no dig garden you avoid the headaches of digging in your existing soil – which can be very difficult if it rocky, or consists of heavy clay – and instead build up your own planting area above the grade.

This approach to gardening has many benefits. Placing rich soil for a new garden on top of the existing soil is a lot easier than alternative methods. It is all of a morning work to bring home some garden soil from the local home improvement store and pour it out where you want to grow.

They are also location independent. Say you only have a square foot or two of unpaved ground to work with and are setting things up for square foot gardening. Set up some kind of borders or bed to hold the soil, and you can build up your garden without having to worry about digging down and hitting a gas line or something else important!

Another great thing about no-dig gardens is that they lend themselves well to the practice of lasagna gardening. The lasagna garden technique allows you to prepare your own rich soil rather than relying on expensive pre-mixed soil bags from the store. For a large flower bed, this can result in significant financial savings.

In addition, since no dig gardens are above grade, you will be performing your gardening ‘higher up’. What this means is that one of the negatives of gardening – a sore back from consistently stooping to pull weeks or check your plants – is reduced, as the action is a lot easier to reach when it is occurring 18 inches or so above the ground.

If you have been considering taking up gardening, but dreaded the thought of digging holes in your brutal soil, no dig gardening is perfect for you!

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