Using A Vertical Frame To Increase Gardening Space

When it comes to gardening, many people who do not have a lot of space think that they can not grow a garden. This is not true as there are many options for green thumbs who are lacking space. While container gardening is an excellent option for those that live in condos or flats, if you even have a tiny backyard – you can still grow a garden that will provide plenty of produce.

Having just discovered the Square Foot Gardening method where you use 1 foot sections to grow your garden, I was interested to see that you can even grow vegetables that usually requires lots of space to sprawl out like peas, cucumbers, squash and pumpkins. This is accomplished by using vertical frames which are made from electrical conduit and supported with rebar that has been placed in the ground. Once the frames have been built, nylon netting is attached to all sides of the metal bars so that the plants can send tendrils up to climb the netting. The frame is sturdy enough to hold pumpkins and squash without any problems which I thought was amazing! By using vertical frames you not only need less space for gardening but your plants aren’t laying on the ground in the dirt.

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