Where To Find Raised Garden Kits

As I start planning for the upcoming gardening season, I am excited to try out the Square Gardening method as my soil quality in my backyard is not that great and I have never had much success growing a vegetable garden. I have been busy reading both the SGM book as well as a book on vertical gardening as I plan on putting up supports so that my beans, cucumber, squash and zucchini can grow up rather than spread out as they would in a traditional garden.

Why Use Raised Garden Kits

While there are many plans floating around online that show you how to make your own raised garden beds from lumber, I am not all that handy when it comes to building which is why I started looking for raised garden kits. I was hoping to be able to find some way to easily assemble a garden bed without too much hassle which is why I looked on Amazon first to see if such a thing even existed.

I was very happy to discover that indeed, raised garden bed kits do exist and they are not all the pricey either. Compared to me going to buy the lumber and supplies to make the beds myself, most of the kits were comparable in price so I knew right away that I would be ordering garden kits rather than going the DIY way.

>>Check Out Amazon’s Selection of Various Raised Garden Bed Kits<<

Raised Garden Bed Kit Reviews

On Amazon, there are various models that you can choose from, depending on the style of your garden. Check out the different models below:

Tiered Raised Garden Kit

This resin made garden kit is easy to assemble with connectors that only go in one way so it is impossible to assemble incorrectly. Because it is made from durable resin, this tiered raised bed will last for years without requiring any additional upkeep.

Rustic Raised Garden Kits

This rustic cedar wood raised garden kit comes in several different sizes (4×4 or 4 x 6) depending on your gardening needs. The kit easily slides into place with attached metal brackets that hold the bed together. Because the brackets are already installed, you don’t even need any tools to assemble the kit – it only takes a few minutes to put it together.

Metal Garden Kits

If you like the look of metal rather than plastic or wood, than choosing a garden kit that is made from this heavy-duty steel is what you need. This particular model has a natural stone pattern and assembles in minutes. This raised bed is made from durable galvanized steel so that rusting will not be an issue. If you are looking to add a garden feature to your small space, this bed makes a great addition.

As you can see there are different styles to suit anyone’s backyard. I personally ordered a couple of the ‘rustic’ models pictured above as I liked how easy they were to assemble as well as how nicely they complimented my other gardening furniture out back. If you are interested in pursuing a raised bed vegetable garden and like me, you are not handy with a hammer – check out Amazon’s selection of raised garden bed kits.


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