How To Make The Most Of Your Gardening Time

If you are anything like the rest of the population, you probably have discovered that there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done that you want to accomplish – including your gardening. There are a few ways to help you cut down on how much time you need to spend in the garden which I have listed below:

  • Use the Square Gardening Method. Not only does the soil mixture that you use in the raised garden bed kits require no weeding, but it is easier to work so you won’t need to do any tilling either. Because you don’t need to do either of these tasks you essentially cut down on probably half, if not three-quarters of your gardening tasks right there!
  • Keep a garden journal. if you are like me, you probably forget exactly what you have planted, especially if it bloomed in the beginning of spring. I have ordered spring bulbs to plant in the fall only to discover that I already have bulbs planted in that location. By using a journal, you can keep track of what tasks you have completed in your garden and those which still need to be done.
  • Make a compost bin. Not only are you reducing your impact on the environment by recycling your kitchen and yard waste, but you also are creating nutrient-rich compost for your garden. With compost you can layer it on thickly so that it cuts down on weeds or you can use it to help amend poor quality soil. You save time because your garden is not making as many weeds plus you get the added bonus of having great produce!
  • Water first thing in the morning. If you make it a practice to water your garden and plants in the morning, you will ensure that they don’t dry out during the heat of the day. Though this doesn’t seem like a huge time saver, if you have never arrived home after work to frantically try to revive dried out plant pots – then you probably already practice this gardening trick.
  • Keep your gardening tools handy. Probably the best time saver there is, is to keep your gardening tools in one location so you are not always looking for your pruners or shovel when you have a few minutes to go at your weeding. Always remember to put your tools back so that you can find them the next time you need them!

By implementing some of these time savers, you not only get to check off gardening tasks but you will have the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour as well as you sit and enjoy your weed-free garden.

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