Spring Gardening: 6 Tips To Keep You Organized

getting organized for gardeningWhile I look out my window and see only snow, I can only dream of spring. I love spring because it means I can officially put away my snow shovel and start playing in the dirt. Spring is the best time to plant or move plants around in your garden. Before you get started here are a few tips to ensure that you have the best spring ever:

Get Your Gardening Tools Organized

While it seems like common sense, being organized will help you streamline your gardening as well as save you time as you won’t be constantly looking for tools that didn’t make it back into the shed. Having a specific place where you store your garden tools will ensure that you don’t lose them or leave them in your compost!

Time To Prune

Bring on the pruning shears. While spring is perfect for new growth, it is also time to get rid of any overgrowth, dead branches or rubbing limbs that your trees may have. Make sure to prune your trees before they blossom and leaf out as potential growth is increased with wound closure happening quickly if done then. If you wait until after they bud and flower, you can cause stress to the tree as they have already expended a lot of energy with new growth.

Plan Before You Shop For New Plants

Before you head out to your local nursery, it is often best to have a plan before you shop. What are your goals for gardening this spring? Maybe you are wanting to make a new shade garden or add a new tree to your backyard – if you plan ahead you don’t overspend your gardening budget and you come home with exactly what you need. Take this time to check out different plant species that will grow in your planting zone.

Prep Your Flower Beds

gardening tools With new plant shoots popping up with spring, this is the perfect time to mulch your flower beds as you aren’t trying to push back any foliage. By adding about 2-3 inches of mulch around your plants, you are ensuring that the beds are retaining moisture during the summer, helping reduce weeds as well as adding nutrients for your plants. This would also be a good time to add you rich compost as well to your flower beds.

Plant Your Trees

Spring is the perfect time to plant trees as they have time to adjust to their location as well as send out shoots to keep them rooted. Plant evergreen trees for year round color or pick some deciduous trees for shade. Before you plant, make sure that you factor in the end size of the tree as what looks good when small may be too big when it is full grown.

Set Up Your Rain Barrels

If you haven’t already invested in some rain barrels, now is the time. You can buy models that match your decor or you can even pick up industrial barrels from your local town office or hospital which might be cheaper. Collecting rain water is not only easier on the budget as you don’t have to pay extra utilities but you are also helping the environment.

By planning ahead and figuring out what you need to do in your garden during the spring season, you will be able to be more organized and may find your spring gardening much more enjoyable rather than a chore.

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