Felco F-2 Pruners – Are They Worth The Price?

felco 2 prunersIf you have ever tried gardening without a good pair of pruners then you know how futile it can be to trim or cut plants without totally shredding the stem. Because my gardening tools have a tendency to walk away when I am not looking, this summer I was without my favourite pair of pruners.

Unfortunately for me, the last time I remembered using them, they were sitting on the back of my car bumper. Of course, that was right before I took my grass clippings to the recycle station.

I had to face it…they were gone for good. Now I was left with my back-up pair of pruners – you know the ones – the dull pair that won’t cut through a piece of grass.

When it came time to trim my rose bush I was left with those dull spares. My rose bush was sorry to see them coming. After having trimmed the rose bush from winter kill, the poor branches were shredded where I made my cuts. I know that this is extremely bad as it can cause different diseases and makes an excellent entry point for bugs.

I knew then that I had to bite the bullet and get a new pair of Felco F-2 pruners.

Felco F-2 Pruners Best Price

We live in a smaller community so our local hardware store only carried the cheaper gardening tools so I ended up buying my Felco pruners online. Not only did I get them cheaper than going into the city, but I ended up with free shipping.

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Not a bad price I thought.

Felco F-2 Manual Pruner Review

If you are like me and tired of wrecking your plants with dull pruners then I totally suggest these pruners. The Felco brand was started by Felix Flisch over 55 years ago and continues to deliver high quality gardening tools for all types of gardeners whether you are just starting out or are a landscaping pro.

My old Felco F-2 was used for over 8 years with no sharping and worked like they were new. The riveted anvil blades are made of a high-quality hardened steel, the Felco pruners are made to last. No longer do I have crushed stems – the Felco’s blades cleanly cut through thicker perennial bushes and are great for deadheading your annual plants. They are definitely a necessity for fall cleanup when it comes time for end of the season pruning in the garden.

The Felco pruners fit a medium to large hand and only weigh around 8 ounces. With their ergonomic design, they are comfortable to use for longer lengths of time and easily cut through smaller branches. They also include a wire notch for those times you need a wire cutter for small garden tasks.

Probably one of the best features of the Felco pruners is their trademark red plastic coated ergonomic handles – this has been a lifesaver for when they accidentally get left under some weed pile as it makes it easier to spot.

If you are looking for a new pair of pruners for your garden that will last you longer than one season then choose Felco pruners. While they may seem pricey compared to the kind you buy from your local hardware store, once you try them out, you will no longer go back to a cheaper pair of pruners. With the occasional sharping and oiling, these pruners will last for many years to come.

Guess what? After I purchased my second pair of Felco F-2 pruners, I looked in my kitchen cupboard and you would never guess what I found. Ok..you probably did. I now am the happy owner of two pairs of Felco F-2 pruners. No longer do I have to depend on crappy pruners as back-up.

*Please note the link above directs to Amazon as I have found they offer great prices on Felco pruners.

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