Plan Before You Plant

When my husband and I first moved into our house, we had a variety of trees in our backyard which filled out the space they were planted in quite nicely. Fast-forward 8 years and now we find ourselves with trees that are overtaking our yard. When the previous owners of our house planted the trees, they really did not take into consideration the growth of the trees they were planting around the house.

Because of no planning on their part, we are left with trees that no longer fit the spot they were originally planted in as they are too big. If you are just starting out with planning your landscaping, whether you are planting in the front or backyard, it is wise to check what the final tree growth will be. Most trees will come with a tag that shows the height as well as the width of the trees maximum growth. Get a tape measure out so you can visualize how wide or high it really could end up. This way you will not be stuck with a tree that takes up your whole backyard like me!

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