How To Keep Track Of Your Garden

garden journalHave you ever gone to plant bulbs in the fall, only to dig up other bulbs you had forgotten about? When it comes to planning out your garden, it is easy to forget exactly what you have planted previously, especially if you have a larger garden to maintain. To keep this from happening to you, here are a few tips to help you in keeping track of all the different plants in your garden:

Take Pictures

Probably one of the best ways to remember what you have planted is to take pictures of each stage of growth in your garden. In the spring when all your spring bulbs start pushing through the snow, snap pictures. When all your bulbs have died down and your summer annuals are taking over, take pictures. The great thing about pictures is it allows you to go back to previous years to see how much plants have grown and whether you need to transplant them or maybe gret rid of them as they are not thriving in the environment that you have planted them. By keeping track of the growth and health of your plants, you ensure that you don’t spent unnecessary money by replacing them due to them not being the right plant for your zone.

Keep A Garden Journal

Just like a regular diary, a garden journal will help you keep track of what you planted as well as allowing you to make notes over the whole growing season, such as to how much precipitation you have experienced over different periods as well as what you need to do the following year to keep up your garden maintenance.

What ever you choose to do – do it. This will help you not only save money as you won’t be wrecking what is already planted, but it can save you time by pre-planning what needs to be done.

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