Broil King Signet 90 – A Grill Worth Owning?

When my husband and I moved into our new house, we adopted my grandparents old grill. It was old however it got the job done. We used it for about 5 years – the side burner didn’t work and it only cooked on one side but it was FREE. You can never complain about that!

Last spring my husband got spring fever and decided that not only did the deck need to be cleaned with his pressure washer but so did the grill. Out came the wand and soap…he opened up the grill lid and let the water blast…not only did it start getting the residue off but it all started making the grill DISINTEGRATE. That spelled the end of our second-hand grill. Just coming into the grilling season, there wasn’t any way that we could be grill-free for the whole summer. Not only does my husband like to use his pressure washer, but he is the resident griller. Like a woman going through her cookbooks, so is my husband with his Weber’s grill cookbook. He will spend an hour looking for a rub or marinade recipe to try out.

I believe that my husband had us all loaded into the car that afternoon to go grill shopping. We went to most of the local big box stores however we really weren’t sure what we were looking for so it was mostly a wasted trip. We did keep track of prices so that we could compare different stores – we wanted to get a great deal.

Broil King Signet 90 Best Price

Once I got home from grill shopping, I actually got online to check out different grill reviews. I am actually glad that we didn’t buy the first grill that we found as it turns out – not all grills are created equal. As we know that we will use our grill often – heck, my husband even grills in the winter, he is that dedicated – we didn’t want the cheapest grill as we didn’t want to have to replace it in a few years.

After checking out and comparing different grills, we found that the Broil King Signet 90 gas grill was the one we wanted. There were a few different things that we knew we wanted in a grill such as a side burner as well as a rotisserie – truth be told this is probably the biggest selling feature for my husband.

Once we compared prices between the grills we had checked out at the local box stores to those online, we found that we were able to get our grill cheaper online through Amazon. Shipping at over 138 pounds, for us, it really was a no brainer to order it via Amazon as we ended up getting free shipping – that meant no lifting or trying to shove the large box into our smaller vehicle.

Broil King Signet 90 Review

After we ordered our grill, it was only a matter of days for our grill to arrive. Once we had the grill delivered to our garage, we spread everything out and started putting it together. After much studying of the directions (which were via picture) we had the grill assembled in about 2.5 hours. Now for the true test…

broil king temperature gaugeWe got our grill moved to the back deck and my husband started playing…with three stainless steel tube burners, this grill has a 40,000 BTU burner for a 400 sq inch cooking space. This means that you can easily crank up the heat to 700 plus (the gauge only goes up to 700 degrees!) in only 15 minutes.

This North American built grill is extremely durable with a stainless steel wrap over an aluminum oven. This grill looks high-end even though it does have some plastic components. It sits on a cart with locking caster wheels, with cabinet doors over the storage area which hides your propane tank as well as your grill cover when not in use. It has a side shelf which is great to put any of your grilling accessories on when grilling. You do have to be careful with how you open the door on the cart as sometimes you can actually bring it off its hinge. It is sort of a lift and pull motion – really just a quibble for what you are getting in a grill.

Great Customer Service

broil king burner controlsWith button controls operating smoothly for perfect control, so smoothly in fact that my husband didn’t even realize that he turned the side burner on – with the lid still closed. This of course left us with a melted handle and scorched lid – on our new grill that was only a day old. Word to the wise…make sure you figure out what all the controls do. At least we got to try out Broil King’s fantastic customer service. Not only did we get a new grill lid and handle but it arrived within that week. Yeah for speedy service.

Speaking of the side burner…my husband likes to use the side burner to saute his mushrooms and onions – plus it is great for when we get our summer heat wave where you don’t want to use your stove or cook top as it will heat up your house.

broil king rotisserie The 15,000 BTU rotisserie burner is an excellent addition to the grill. The rotisserie kit on the grill works great – it gets used at least once a week during the summer and we have never had any issues with it yet. The rotisserie forks easily hold a good-sized bird with no issues – very heavy-duty, with a stainless steel rod and electronic motor that you plug-in.

The Broil King Signet 90 is great at holding a consistent low heat for when my husband decides to smoke our supper. He usually removes the grill on the left and inserts a smoke box for great smoked roasts and chickens.

After two years of using our grill, we have no complaints and recommend this grill to everyone we have over for a barbecue.


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