Barbecue Grill Cleaning Tips

I have to admit, I am totally lax about this. Sometimes I do not clean the barbecue grill at all! So, in this article I want to offer you the two quickest and best ways to clean the barbecue grill. The first one requires a little work, the second one requires you do nothing! Sounds good eh? I use the two following techniques for my Bodum Fyrkat charcoal grill.

Barbecue Grill Cleaning Tip 1

A simple wire brush is all that you need really. Once the grill is cool you simply need to go over it with the wire brush. You do not need soapy water or anything else apart from the brush. Simply use it to clean both sides of the grill and the work is done in a matter of minutes.

It is a very quick job to do indeed. We are not looking for perfection here, just cleaning off fat and any other dried food matter. A good wire brush will make short work of both.

Barbecue Grill Cleaning Tip 2

And this is my favorite.

Do nothing!

The next time you light the grill the heat itself from the grill is going to burn away any residue that is left on the grill itself. And as the heat is so high the metal grill is going to be totally sterilized long before you begin any actual cooking.

Told you it didn’t require any work.


2 Responses to Barbecue Grill Cleaning Tips

  1. Bruce

    I had to adopt your second method on my gas grill that is hooked up to the Natural Gas supply. I used to just turn it up on high for 10 minutes after cooking & that would burn everything off, ready for the next use.

    However, I walked past the BBQ one day last winter, and could feel a nice warmth in the area – yep, I forgot I’d left it on, and for 2 days had been warming up the neighbourhood!

    At least with my old Propane/LPG one, the bottle would run out…

    • Dave

      Bruce, just another reason to use charcoal ;) Bet that cost you a fair amount when the bill arrived!

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