How To Cook Perfect Grilled Chicken With Your Barbecue

grilled chicken

If you don’t have a Bodum Fyrkat grill then you are going to at least need a grill with a lid if you want to make perfect grilled chicken. It is simple to do but you do need to be able to cover it for at least a part of the cooking process.

I get perfect results time and time again as I make certain of one thing:

Never be in a hurry to grill the chicken.

This is at the heart of grilling chicken so it is succulent, tender and yet still has the crispiness that we all love from barbecue so much.

Slow Cooking

This is half the secret.

You need to wait until the coals have really begin to die down a little. Or, with the Bodum grill, you can put the lid on to cool the coals down. You need to grill chicken slowly so that it keeps all the juices locked in and this is how to get perfect results.

If you are in a hurry you will end up with chicken that is almost charcoal on the outside and raw on the inside. This is both extremely dangerous to your health and it will taste horrible too.

Cook it slowly to make sure that it stays moist and when it is near to ready you will find that the skin has crisped up to perfection. And it is full of the smoky flavor you only get from using charcoal.

Using A Lid

The other secret is to have a lid.

This allows you to partially steam the chicken while you grill it. It also cooks the top because of the reflective heat so it means you will not have to turn the chicken as much.

These two tips really are the secret to getting perfect grilled chicken on the barbecue. You must be patient and allow at least a half an hour if not longer for the grilling, the slower you grill the better the results will be.

Feeling hungry? I know I am.

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